Balance Consulting and Digitiamo: the partnership that pushes Einstein Bot to an unprecedented performance

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From the partnership between Balance Consulting and Digitiamo comes a system that makes Einstein Bot, an integrated product in the Salesforce offering, the world’s No. 1 CRM platform for companies of all sizes, even more powerful and competitive.

Balance Consulting, a boutique company that enables its customers’ business transformation processes through the adoption of Digital Technologies, and Digitiamo, a software factory specialising in the development of AI-based products, present a joint project designed as a support tool for Einstein bot that will make its already extraordinary functionalities even faster, more effective, and more efficient.

“The Balance – Digitiamo partnership has a common goal: enhancing the functionality of Einstein Bots, offering customers a simple but effective tool to enhance the Salesforce Chat channel through the power of AI” (Pasquale de Lucia, Founder Balance Consulting)

“By coupling Salesforce Einstein technology with our conversation analysis engine, the start-up and maintenance of a chatbot project becomes easier and leads to better business results and lower maintenance costs” (Mirko Puliafito, Founder and CEO Digitiamo)

The performance of Einstein Bot is enhanced by the new software’s ability to speed up the training process required for information acquisition, making the system’s start-up almost immediate. In just a few hours, the chatbot will be up and running and fully operational, regardless of how much acquisition data needs to be uploaded at the start-up phase.

Power-up time is significantly reduced, but not only that, the software also contributes to making the clustering process performed by the Salesforce product even faster and more accurate.

The technology behind the new system enables Einstein to process data and texts of any kind and to divide them into clusters quickly and efficiently. The chatbot, thus enhanced, will enable the company to respond comprehensively and effectively to all questions posed by customers.

The solution is scheduled to be launched in September 2021.

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Founded in 2007, Balance Consulting has built its corporate history by constantly investing in the development of innovative skills and technologies to support its clients in achieving tangible results. Balance is among the major Salesforce Leader Partners in Italy, working in the constant tension of putting the customer at the centre of the whole business process.


Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Web Development are just some of the fields in which Digitiamo operates with the aim of developing products for companies of all sizes,
where Artificial Intelligence plays, always, a fundamental role.

Salesforce is the world’s No.1 CRM platform and the tool to optimise every stage of the sales funnel. By reducing the time needed for administrative tasks, Salesforce concentrates customer information from a single location, throughout the entire sales cycle, making the process more efficient.