A Talent Factory for Specialised Digital Training

Our Digital Academy operates in synergy with our offices in Milan, Rome, Florence, Palermo, Cagliari and London, as a research and development hub for digital technologies and developing a research project on artificial intelligence.

Four years ago, we launched the Digital Academy in Cagliari with the aim of expansion of the team and the training of new digital innovators: designed as a research and development center in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it then extends to the world of business consulting for digital technologies, combining laboratories and on-the-job training with the support of qualified tutors.

Balance Digital Academy operates for both recent graduates who are entering the world of work and at junior and senior developers / analysts, guaranteeing specific procedures for each path.

We like to form digital professionals at 360°

Real Projects, Real Opportunities, International Experiences

Training paths for fresh graduates
New resources each year
Specialisation paths for developpers and analysts

Services & solutions in Balance Digital Academy

Currently the project takes the form of training courses oriented to both hard and soft skills, both elements useful for developing and supporting the skills of the resources operating in Balance.
The issues of a purely managerial type are flanked by those useful for strengthening the skills required in the commercial, communication, project management, etc.
The different courses share a strong attention to the richness and quality of the contents.

Just in 2021 the Academy issued 16K hrs training.

ES. Hard Skills: innovative projects, IT laboratories and highly specialized growth paths on digital technologies: Salesforce, Data Science, Analytics, Blockchain
ES. Soft Skills: focus on Effective Communication and Listening, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Result Orientation, Time Management, Networking

Soft Skills

The basic training path includes Soft Skills. Being a developer with soft or personal skills means to have empathy and ability to adapt your communication to public. Many people naturally possess these skills, while others need to work in order to develop them. Our purpose is to have a major improvement expertise in these 6 areas, through the attendance of the appropriate courses.