New brand identity


Exposing the core of a consultancy firm.

In order to find our new visual signature, reflective of your business’ character, core values, and unique brand proposition, we performed an extensive audit to fully grasp the company’s internal vision and external projections for its ever-advancing industry. From this process, we garnered a clear picture of what makes Balance unique, and we focused on the “Theory of togetherness”.

The Creation of the New Identity


Value doesn’t just come from numbers. It comes from people.

We approached this project with a focused series of interviews that gave us keen insights into the guiding principles of Balance’s founder, the core values of the team, the strong relationships with its expansive network, and scrupulous client services. Three important messages came to light as core values in Balance: trust and expertise, people and innovation, crafting our new message. We deconstructed our logo and give a new meaning to the design by creating a concept we call the theory of togetherness: When everyone’s competence come together, they create a whole and the whole is reliable and trustworthy to innovate.


Look wider and take
the long view.

With this project, we were able to uncover and articulate a new creative way for Balance to present itself in a seemingly “uncreative industry”. We looked well beyond the surface to understand the motivations of the people who make up the business. As they see the world of digitalization as a collection of interconnected capabilities, the tools we created help them make and reinforce connections as their business continues to grow.

Getting there