UKI Power Up Credentials Challenge!

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Our Balance London team and Digital Academy Balance have participated to the recent UKI Partner Power Up Credentials Challenge and gained a brand new certification! They have also won their new Salesforce Hoodies! 

This challenge was promoted by Salesforce to take the participants through Trailhead, the Partner Learning Camp, resources available; this experiece also allowed to hear from real-life examples of how building Salesforce’s expertise to take your career to the next level.

Not only Salesforce provided the winners with free certification vouchers, but also with a number of Trailblazer hoodies up for grabs!

Let’s hear more about this exciting experience from our Balance winner guys!

Matteo Mattiussi

I was thinking for a while to get my third certification, having already Admin and Platform Developer 1 I was thinking to get Platform App Builder.
When I found out about the Power Up Challenge I seized the opportunity. I didn’t think to win the challenge but I was looking to pass the exam also and trying to push myself to be faster than usual.
Founding out that I won the challenge has been an unexpected and nice surprise.
This was my first Salesforce challenge and I’m very happy and proud because I won the hoodie.
It has been interesting and funny at the same time.
I massively thank Balance, Stefano, and Salesforce for this great experience!

Luq Haffejee

I first found out about the Power up Challenge in June, as Salesforce were casting a net to different partners & consultants across the world to get people certified. The Webinar was on the 17th June and shared some tips on how to get certified, as well as some career information from Lucy who was from SalesforceBen, which was very interesting as I have followed that website for a couple of years now.I personally had a goal in mind to get more certifications in 2020 as I only had one at the time, so this challenge was perfect timing for me! I chose the App builder exam as I had previously just finished the Sales Cloud Consultant one and I wanted to test my holistic skills on the Salesforce Platform. There was a competitive edge to this as well as the first 50 contestants received a voucher for the Salesforce Store, so when I found out I made the cut I was very relieved! I decided to go for the plain Salesforce hoodie instead of the trailblazer hoodie.

Lorenzo Maritano

I’m always seeking to improve my skills and gather valuable knowledge, but it is not easy to find time for that. Recently, I got the chance to participate in the Power Up Credential Challenge. What a great opportunity! The challenge consists of trying to achieve as many Salesforce certifications as you can. Pretty challenging, isn’t it? 
The prize? The Trailblazer hoodie, which I will proudly wear as a sign of the knowledge acquired. The challenge is still on, and I can’t wait to get my 4th consultant certification. I’m really enjoying this experience, a cool way to push people to elevate their skills with a pinch of competition. 
The next goal: keep growing my knowledge, invest time in my professional education, and encourage my colleagues to do the same.
Thanks to my manager, Stefano, and the company Balance. They gave me the chance to catch this excellent opportunity.

Great job guys, we are really proud of you!