The automation of the credit management cycle enhanced by Salesforce

CRABB is a software for Credit Management made entirely on Salesforce technology, the number 1 CRM cloud in the world, to guarantee performance, scalability, security and compliance with the regulations on privacy and data processing.

Why choose CRABB?

Reduce risks

With Crabb reduce you can reduce the risk of credit losses with the automation of credit policies. Configure the rules to automate credit management strategies from the definition of scoring to outsourcer credit lines, integrating all the resources involved.

Improve your Credit

Improve your credit collection thanks to the multi-channel collection method. Manage credit recovery actions through multi-channel logic, with work queues dedicated to specialists and workflows to support decisions, in a few seconds you can solicit or entrust the recovery of credit per customer or massively to third parties.

Get better reports

Monitor and analyze performance with the most advanced reporting. Generate dynamic and flexible reports on different levels of performance analysis by customer type, adopted strategy, geographical area, etc. Calculates the costs incurred and the provisions to the devaluation fund in real time.

The Benefits

Highly customizable solution for all business needs in credit management


Mln. Credit under management


Active users on the platform


K Debtors managed


Integrated outsourcers