Let’s meet Balance’s Team!

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Balance’s team has different skills and backgrounds, but we all share the same values: curiosity, passion and orientation towards digital innovation.

Let’s meet the people who make the difference in our company!

Today we present Matteo, in Balance since 2012, 9 Salesforce certifications, main roles are Salesforce Partnership Management, Project Delivery and ISV. 

  • What are the key ingredients to build good relationship with others in Balance?

“When you start working in Balance you don’t need to do anything special to build good relationships: just be yourself, show that you enjoy your job and take part in the discussions. Don’t forget to take some fun time with colleagues, it’s a must …. And if you are a big football/soccer fan jokes and discussions are always a good way to interact :wink:“.

  • How is the teamwork in Balance?

“In Balance there is no strict vertical hierarchy and I love it so much. Each person can take his/her own space for showing leadership and expertise. Due to the project’s requirements (Industry, Cloud, ecc.) anyone can have a different roles and responsibilities and we all are very flexible and collaborative”.

  • Besides the technical skills and knowledge, what are the best qualities you have and what are the best qualities you can find in the people who work in Balance?

“My best qualities: Never giving up, multitasking, a bit of craziness. I think that the best qualities you can find in Balance people are: friendship, support, even in the worst case scenario you can always count on your colleagues, passion”.

  • What are the three most important things you can find in Balance when it comes to the work environment?

Expertise, we have a lot of expertise in different sectors and different technologies or clouds so we always work together to improve our know how to reach the best possible solution.
Team, even if we are growing so fast you can always feel that we act as a team.
Flexibility and curiosity, No fear for new challenges, when a customer asks us for new features, we are keen on going further and handling everything with flexibility and curiosity to find the best solutions”.

We thank Matteo and see you next week with another team member!

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