The Challenge

The company related to this business case study targets different markets, which require different sales and service approaches, however has the need to be able to view their company’s performance at 360.

INDUSTRY Utilities
SERVICES Service Cloud, Knowledge, Chat and Einstein Bot
YEAR 2020

Business Context



Chat Team

4 Agents and 3 Supervisors

Knowledge Base

2 Managers

Modules and Methodology

  • Einstein Bot that verifies customers and solves Billing/Direct Debit, Meter Reading and Account management queries by searching through Service Cloud Knowledge base for common answers
  • Automated Bot logic to provide customer reading window and billing cycle details
  • Transfer to Live Agent with Queue based routing omnichannel enablement
  • Automatic triaging of Case created from the Einstein Bot

Main Results

Self maintained Knowledge bese

to solve customer queries

Reduced call volume

and increased case deflection

Reduction in time

spent by supervisors assigning work items