The Challenge

The challenge faced by the company, producing innovative beauty food supplements, was to monitor store compliance to brand image, to engage customers on site, to provide standardized training in order to Store Managers and cross reference data.

INDUSTRY Pharmaceuticals
SERVICES Salesforce Platform, Community Cloud
YEAR 2019

Business Context

50 Brand Ambassadors

Across Italy, Spain and UK

300+ Customers

Pharmacies, cosmetics and beauty retailers

25M Products Sold Worldwide

Wide range of supplements, lip care and face mask products

Modules and Methodology

  • Sales Cloud: used as a CRM Database for Brand Ambassadors to store records pertaining staff activities as well as clientinteraction
  • Community Cloud: Pharmacy training portal with points and rewards system
  • Custom Survey app: Supports Brand Ambassador geolocation tracking, store and consumer surveys to capture stock inventory (photos), sales, consumer data and characteristics

Main Results

Performance Monitoring 

Stores KPI and revenue are  updated at point of sales

Improved Customer centricity

Data driven assesement of consumer perceived value

Enhanced analytics

Improved efficiency and real time data extraction