Balance Albania: a story about the new Balance office through the eyes of those who live and work there everyday.

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Balance Albania was born in March 2022 with the Tirana office. Its creation is due to a series of important objectives that we want to tell you directly with the voices of those who work there.

Balance Albania is the newest branch of Balance SpA, which was created in March 2022 to offer opportunities for young talents in the Tirana area to work with both Italian and international companies. 

But not only this…

Balance, among the top 10 Salesforce Partners in Italy, supports companies in their digital transformation processes and invests in innovative skills and technologies with the aim of supporting customers towards achieving tangible results. To do this, it follows its  three fundamental pillars: reliability and competence, attention to human resources and innovation. The very same pillars, on which the creation of the Albanian office is based, follows those already born in previous years: Milan, Rome, Florence, Cagliari and London, with over 120 professionals employed.

Balance has always been focused on the training and growth of the professional skills of its resources, which is why four years ago it created its own Digital Academy, which works closely with the world of universities and research. Its aim is to train and nurture young talents who want to work in the digital technology field. The Academy works both in Italy as well as in international offices and in the specific case of Tirana, this is where, we want to introduce our protagonists into the game to tell you the great project behind the creation of Balance Albania.

Franko Bare, head of Balance division in Tirana

In January 2022, after realizing the great gap between supply and demand of Salesforce certified professionals and understanding the difficulty of filling this gap, Franko and his colleague Daniel Davidhi decided to propose the opening of a Balance office in Albania, in order to help the company to fill the need for professionals with the training of young Albanian talents. 

The choice of Albania was not accidental: it is still a developing country with a strong presence of talented young people who want to learn train and grow professionally in an international environment

The historical and geographical proximity between Italy and Albania is ideal for creating a single and large reality in which teams from different backgrounds can help each other and learn from each other. A fair and an effective skill exchange, which gave birth to the Balance office in Tirana, of which Franko is responsible.

What values ​​is the Balance Albania based on? We let Franko explain himself:

“Our values ​​fit perfectly with those of Balance. What we have in common is the strong attention to young people and their aspirations, we take into account their individuality and qualities and we make sure that they can follow their goals, developing themselves in an environment that can help them grow internationally. The concept of reciprocity is part of the basic values ​​on which the Tirana office was founded, because I have always aspired to create a company that can make diversity a strong point, in this specific case the cultural and professional exchange between Albania and Italy, is one of our points in favor, because it allows us to create homogeneous teams in continuous professional exchange “.

Balance Albania was established with this point of view, which aims to have (by the end of the year) 20 Salesforce certified professionals and Balance Albania is on the right path because at the moment, it has 11 certified professionals  and 5 are in progress.

This investment in resources will also give an extra value to the Italian headquarters of Balance, because, as Franko says, “the two teams are closely linked to each other and the company knows that they can always choose the best professional for its customers, regardless of where they come from.”

Living with a responsibility like this is not easy. Supporting young talents in their professional growth and directing them towards their international career and making them successful, is a role that requires a lot of responsibility, but also a great desire to create value in the company and a great feeling to let them go into the professional world.

Franko knows this well and, despite his professional background being different from digital transformation, he is very clear about the challenges. “I want to make sure everyone has the best chance and opportunity in their life, which is why it is essential for me to work closely with the Balance Digital Academy. I try to be as close as possible to the people I work with, both in the initial phase of their journey and in the subsequent phases. I make sure that their aspirations are heard of, so that they can grow and work in the right environment, where it doesn’t matter where they come from or what characteristics they have. In any case, every person is an added value for us and we want to make sure that these values are a strength both for Albania and for Italy as well as for the world ”.

Balance’s strength, regardless of geographic location, is the exchange of skills and knowledge, it is clear that professional growth can be expected to be expressed in international contexts.

Working from Albania with experienced professionals from all over Europe, allow young professionals to grow and learn from different contexts, aspire them to a career that can even be continued beyond Albania’s borders..

In addition, nurturing internal talents also gives them a way to help others in return: again we are at the principle of reciprocity, meaning, putting ourselves in their shoes and helping them to take their steps can be a great help in understanding and listening, which are the fundamental requirements for Balance, because Balance has always surrounded itself with talents, that are able to share their knowledge.

Unity is strength in this sense too and, as Franko recalls, “strength is generated precisely from diversity, and ours is a highly inclusive environment. Being a corporation is one of our greatest qualities ”.

What are the long-term goals for the Balance Albania office in Tirana?

“From here to the next 5 or 10 years”, Franko tells us, “I aspire to increase the number of certified Salesforce and AWS (Amazon Web Services) professionals, so we can make the Albanian office one of the main ones to tap into Balance customers. I want to create an environment that can support the expansion of Balance not only in Italy, but also abroad. Making Balance Albania a key player in the digital transformation here in Albania and also being the ideal company to work for young people are my main aspirations “.

Franko’s aspirations are happening all thanks to the resources that he and his team support every day. Now we would also like to present two of their team members, by using their own words.

Irv Lika, computer engineer and software developer

Irv is a young professional, who graduated in computer engineering in 2021 and met Balance along his path.

As a child, like every kid, he had dreams: being an actor was his recurring dream, which was then transformed into the awareness of being a programming enthusiast.

His approach to the programming world started with his passion for gaming, which helped him understand what to want from his possible future: he graduated in computer engineering, began his career in a company that gave him the first basics and landed at the Digital Academy of Balance, where he is currently studying as a developer.

Initially, Balance was a doubted option, because Salesforce, as Irv himself reminds us, is not very well known in Albania, but this is precisely one of the strengths that Irv was able to grasp later: Salesforce, which is the leader company in the digital transformation sector, it is known all over the world and strengthening his knowledge based on its systems can offer many opportunities, especially in a territory where it is still expanding. Irv has therefore seized the opportunities that await him and has chosen to start his career in the Digital Academy.

After three months of training, he has successfully taken the certifications of Salesforce Administrator and Developer, which is a stepping stone for those who have just begun to learn about the digital systems used by the company and choose how to specialize. According to the principles on which Balance is based, each resource, including Irv, can choose the path that best suits their soft skills, skills and aspirations.

As he himself tells us, “I am currently studying programming for the development of the platform and I am involved in several projects that are giving me a lot in terms of skills and information. It is still too early for me to understand exactly where the path I have chosen will take me, but I know with certainty that I will do everything to get to the end by following my aspirations. Thanks to a productive training I am receiving at Balance, one of the major strengths that I am noticing is the great ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice. I learn from theory, but then I can also put my knowledge into practice, because of the concrete projects that the company makes available to us “.

As Franko mentioned earlier, such a young and talented boy can only find benefit in studying and working in a company that makes a difference in his strength. “Diversity is a powerful weapon,” says Irv, “people from different cultures can offer tremendous value, both to society and to the company itself. The different backgrounds of the people I work with every day help me grow both as a developer and as a person.”

But it is not over yet…

For Irv it is essential to know how to share with others, because teaching what you learn to those who come after you is important for growth and make your team grow.

There is still a long way to go, as he himself tells us, but the start of his journey with Balance is more than positive. “It’s worth it,” he says. And we hope that his words can be an inspiration for anyone with his aspirations.

Erta, a young artist with the desire to help others

Erta is very young, she recently graduated. Her artistic soul is immediately visible, so much so that she has already taken a responsibility as a photographer for the inauguration event of the Balance headquarters in Tirana.

She studied computer engineering with a great passion for social issues: as a child she dreamt of becoming a veterinarian because she always had a desire to help others, so she started working for non-profit associations, then decided to follow her passion for engineering and started her journey as a programmer with Balance.

It was the school that introduced her to the possibility of joining Balance and what convinced her were the projects that the company has carried out. In all this, a fundamental role was played by the possibility for Erta to use her IT skills to create useful programs that can help the medical sector. A real milestone, if you think about her wanting to become a veterinarian.

Even in her world there is an important place for diversity. She herself, with her social spirit, thinks about how she can help others in the professional context. “I can help new resources by exploiting my skills and putting my passion for social work at the service of the company to create an environment that is unique in its kind and make everyone feel at ease”.

Even in making Salesforce known in Albania you need the soft skills that Erta has, all her passion and enthusiasm. Her idea of ​​learning and training, for example, is a will to help by creating an educational environment that can facilitate more technical parts of the path to the inclusion of more playful aspects, or a methodology that teaches practice through the use of learning schemes based on play and fun. An excellent idea if you take into account the fact that Balance Albania focuses heavily on young talents.

Right now, Erta is studying for the exams she will have to take on her path: “I study by combining my notes with the practical help I receive from those who follow us”. And if you ask her how she sees herself in ten years, there is a certainty in her future: “I would like to be a developer and work using Artificial Intelligence as the first lever in my projects”.

An ambitious and talented young woman who Balance will hold tight for years to come.

The Team

Balance Albania is always looking for new talents

This is the beautiful atmosphere that you experience in Balance Albania and these are the young professionals that the company cares and follows step by step, to see them learn together and work together without borders of any kind.

To keep the gap between supply and demand at a minimum, Balance is always looking for new talents.

If you think that digital transformation is the professional field of your future, Balance is waiting for you. Please send us your CV and Cover Letter to