Back to the office with AppyBack!

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Back to the office? We have the solution with AppyBack!

It starts with idea sharing and live skills!

As of today Balance is using AppyBack, the new Salesforce app, for a simpler, organized and controlled return AppyBack helps companies to manage a smooth transition towards return-to-office processes ensuring the management of offices spaces and contingent employees access.

With Appyback you can easily support your back to the office processes in order to manage employees and premises adhering to health and safety policies according to pre-established protocols. Streamline booking & approval for employees allowing them to book access to the workplace with approval processes based on the office available slots.

Access is controlled through smooth check-ins applying relevant health checks and PPE delivery.

Real-Time Monitoring of Working Premises through out-of-the-box updated dashboards with real time occupancy of office premises and warnings AppyBack has these main functions:

  • Easily support back to the office processes to manage employee access and premises adhering to health and safety policies by defining available seat slots and sanitizations
  • Reliable and convenient booking process that allows employees to book, edit and cancel their office access requests based on the available seats at working sites
  • Access control through smooth check-ins through mobile QR-code & check-outs. This includes guided checklists and reminders to support front-desk to ensure compliance to policies
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Working Premises through dashboards allowing admins and office managers to check the status of the requests, expected check-ins for the day and the office occupancy in real-time and forecast available slots accurately