Balance and Partners has now created an accelerator specifically targeted to the needs and challenges of the retail industry. Thanks to the Accelerator Solution you will now be able to not only efficiently implement your Salesforce org, but also to effectively tailor your org to your sales life cycle with a ready-made implementation which will allow your team to work with the world’s number one trusted sales solution. ​

Retail Challenges and Solutions

Balance and Partners developed an Accelerator Solution targeted to retail businesses which addresses all the challenges faced by small to medium sized businesses across the sales life cycle. ​

  • Subscription and monthly​ payment management related​ to your customers information​
  • Manage inventory by updating stock quantities​ with every customer sale and/or supplier purchase​
  • Supplier information and inventory purchases are included in the same platform as customer sales to provide a 360 view of you business revenue
  • Bespoke reports and dashboards tailored to provide insights on sales and inventory

5 Easy Steps to have your Solution Up and Running

Our goal is to deliver a CRM solution that empowers your​ team and helps your business grow. Thanks to our accelerator,​ we will be able to deliver your solution between 2-4 weeks!​

First Meeting

Analyze existing processes and identify business pains.

Business Needs

Gather your business​requirements via​ pre defined forms​provided by us​.


Translate business​ needs in a solution,​ implemented in​ your org.


A group of employees receive a compact training program that focuses both on specific training content and how to teach this content to others.

Launch & Support

The solution will be launched to all users which we will support by reviewing their feedback.

Why Balance?

Strong Passion for Digital Technology

Balance is a consultancy boutique, which​ enables the transformation processes of​ its customers’ Business through the​ implementation of digital technologies.​

Deep Know-How on our Experience

Balance’s offer covers the entire range of​ Digital Transformation Business Processes​ thanks to the plurality of leadership skills​ in different areas of study.​

Focus on Commitment and Timing

We enable New Business Models through​ solutions based on consolidated and​ emerging technologies.​

Strong Partnership with Leaders in Transformation

Salesforce is a worldwide number one CRM provider, offering a range of cloud-based solutions that covers all elements of a business’ operational catalogue. This includes elements of sales, customer service, marketing and more.​

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