AWS Consulting Partner

Balance is an AWS Select Consulting Partner and Lambda Delivery Partner

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner and AWS Lambda Delivery Partner, our team of certified resources specialises in providing unique, high-quality cloud solutions in four specif areas: Customer Service Area, Financial Area, Analytics and Sales Area.

AWS Select Consulting Partner

Our Value Proposition as an AWS and Salesforce Partner

  • Tailor made Lambda service integrated with Salesforce Service Voice
  • Data enrichment (real time)
  • Platform Event notification with SNS
  • Rest micro services such as Credit Scoring, Bank account validation, fiscal code check
  • Low level legacy integrations managed by EC2 instances with Linux RedHat Enterprise
  • Platform Event Notification with SNS and Amazon SQS
  • Payment gateway such as Stripe and full integration with Tink
  • Data Sync with taylor made AppFlow
  • Flow management using event bridge
  • S3
  • Rest Microservices commonly used in Sales field: Address Validation, VAT code validation, Personal document acquisition (OCR)
  • Data enrichment
  • Heavy file archive on S3

How we do it

As an AWS and Salesforce partner we deliver highly integrated solutions in four principal areas: Analytics, Financial, Sales and Customer service with primary focus on serverless models.
This way, Clients can benefit from faster implementation and delivery of flexible solutions.

People at the center

People develop projects that generate profits:
We therefore hire only the best talents who share our values
and are guided by strong values, while prioritizing their training.

Lambda Delivery Partner

AWS Lambda services help create services and applications without the need for server provisioning or management. We assist you in creating or migrating solutions to serverless architecture running on serverless compute. AWS Lambda Ready partners provide developer tool solutions validated by AWS serverless experts compared to the AWS Well-Architected Framework